FT307ok – Whole House Water Filter


Our whole house water filtration systems are designed for filtering every water outlet in your home and backed with a 3 year warranty.

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These models have the ability to purify up to 1 Million gallons of municipal-treated water. Once the “OK” unit has expired; it is replaced with the “OR” unit for less money. These whole house water filtration systems remove/reduce over 80 contaminants including Chlorine, bad tastes and odor, THM’s, VOC’s, HAA’s, lead, arsenic, mercury, heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.

The Model FT307ok whole house water filtration system is a 3 year filter that processes 300,000 gallons of municipal-treated water. Tank dimension 7″ w x 35″ h.


Kit includes tank and a pre (20 micron) and post (5 micron) sediment filters with housings

*** 3 Year Pro-Rata Warranty ***

•Shipping Weight: 50lbs -150lbs

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