Water Filter Warranty Information

In order to activate the warranty on any Okey Water product , make sure to completely fill out the form below within 30 days of purchase.  This card must be returned to Okey Water to activate the warranty.

Okey Water has a pro-rata warranty on all its multi-media water filters. This does not include Reverse Osmosis Filter units, sediments filters, softeners, and faucets. Only filters with a warranty card provided.

How to obtain warranty service

For Warranty service, call 1-800-321-0602 or use the Warranty form here on this page. Okey Water, at that time will determine if the unit should be returned for repair, or if a replacement part will be sent.

What the water filter warranty covers

If any of your Okey Water water filter systems is defective in workmanship (excluding replaceable cartridges), Okey Water will at its own discretion send a replacement part or system within one year of the original retail purchase. All housings are covered under warranty for 6 years.

The F207ok replacement cartridge is covered for 3 years. Failure to replace them within the proper time will nullify the warranty on the housing.

What the warranty does not cover

Our warranty does not cover defects due to improper installation, or installation not in accordance with Okey Water printed instructions. This warranty does not cover defects due to abuse, misuse, mis-application, improper maintenance, alteration, accidents, casualties, flood, freezing, or acts of God. This warranty does not cover equipment that is moved from the site of original installation, or equipment that is installed outside the United States.

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