4SROQC-OKW 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System


4 Stage Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System comes with everything you need to start enjoying fresh ultra-pure filtered drinking water in your home! 50 gpd Fully Assembled – Economical 4 stage Reverse Osmosis System. 50 gpd Reverse Osmosis System with Kwik-Change™ Cartridges

  • 50 gpd, 4 stage RO with Kwik-Change™ cartridges, RO-PRO® plastic tank, top mount faucet.
  • Available with metal tank.
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  • Four Stage R.O. Unit Features:
  • Pre Filter: 5 Mic. Sediment.
  • Pre Filter: GAC Carbon
  • Membrane: 50 GPD TFC
  • Tank: Metal 3.2 Gallon Draw Down.
  • Faucet: Long Reach, Lead Free.
  • Tubing & Installation Pack Included.
  • Shipping Dimensions 16″x18″x18.5


  • Bladder tank
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Lead free chrome faucet
  • Installation pack
  • All filters Pre loaded

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